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Payment for participation is NOW OPEN! Please pay by April 1, 2016.

See below for payment information.

Conference fees

SANT members, PhD holders:                    300 SEK
SANT members, PhD and MA students:       300 SEK
non-members, PhD holders:                      500 SEK
non-members, PhD and MA students:         400 SEK

SANT membership fees

PhD holders:                                             200 SEK
PhD and MA students:                               100 SEK

Conference dinner

All participants:                                        350 SEK

Inquiries: sant2016@globalstudies.gu.se


PhD and Master students’ attendance at SANT 2016

Thanks to a generous grant from The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography (SSAG), SANT will be able to financially support PhD and Master students’ attendance at the annual conference in Göteborg 2016, provided that the students present a paper and/or organize a panel. Expenses are covered for intercity travel (cheapest possible), lodging (cheapest possible) and conference fee only. SANT does not sponsor any conference dinner or membership fee. Please save your receipts for reimbursement from SANT. After the conference you can contact Haris Agic <haris.agic@liu.se> for a reimbursement form.


SANT is a membership based association. Most members pay their membership at the time of the annual conference. However, we do have participants who are not eligible to be members. Please examine the membership guidelines and choose your payment category accordingly.

Members of SANT are those who:

a)      Have a licentiate or PhD degree or of equivalent competence in Cultural/Social Anthropology.

b)      Have been accepted to a PhD program in Cultural/Social Anthropology.

c)      Have been accepted to a Master program or course or have completed a Master degree in Cultural/Social Anthropology.

d)      Are active as Anthropologists in Sweden and have the competence or equivalence of one of categories a-c (and through the formal approval of the SANT Board).



Payment for conference participants

Please read the choices carefully before proceeding with your payment!

If you are a member of SANT and need to renew your membership, or are eligible to become a member, please select the membership fee according to your category.

Conference fee and membership for PhD holders                                 500 SEK

Conference fee and membership for PhD & Master students/degree       400 SEK


Have you already paid your membership for the year 2016, please select for the conference fee only.

Conference fee for PhD holders                                                           300 SEK

Conference fee for PhD and Master students/degree                             200 SEK


If you are not eligible to be a member of SANT, but have been invited to participate in the conference, please select the conference fee according to your category.


Conference fee for non-member PhD holders                                        500 SEK

Conference fee for non-member                                                          400 SEK


Please do attend the conference dinner!

Dinner cost for all participants                                                             350 SEK


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